1. Live Unknown

From the recording Isolation: Chapter II

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As the sunlight fades away, all is quiet except their voices
Now as darkness falls, replay those lost inside my head
Old memories haunting me, still those countless years can’t silence
And the world that used to be is locked inside my head

Now I’m so lost, so lost below those distant seas of stars alone
I can’t find my way on paths that lead to nowhere,
Existing here unknown… Why live unknown?

Population ceased to be, and soon these empty streets forget them
So I’m followed endlessly by the echoes in my head

Now that extinction faced us all, erased the future from our eyes
And time has washed away all trace of what we left behind
When the nights grow cold, I dream of a world long lost
But in a moment it’s gone
This light won’t burn forever in the darkness that life’s become

As the sunlight fades away… Why live unknown?