1. Polluted Youth

From the recording Burn The Rez


Along last I lost my mind, on the bittersweet taste of what I find, forever share the motions of an everlasting
Long nights that I endured, what the fuck was I looking for, was it wrong what I adored, have I always been wrong
Or be true to the me I've known, a normal boy just flesh and bone, take a chance to look beyond those years I felt alone

Run way again tonight to a place so deep inside, somewhere that I can hide from everybody
Just thoughts and I alone, waiting for new days to come, wishing only anyone would see me waiting
Never found a better way, another day is lost again, and all the things I need to say are reaching no one

Polluted youth is unwhole and unknown, and feeling unwanted by this world
Always guided this way, violated, identity bled beside the broken child
Polluted child is unheard and unseen, casts only shadows on a world he needs

And I carry on, but I'm not strong, I'm barely breathing, it's pulling me under
And I keep sinking even deeper, and I'm reaching for anything