1. Can't Let Go

From the recording Burn The Rez


I'm living in a dream, I'll never wake, I'm staring at a wall I can't escape, in endless observation, passed away
The promises behind, I'll never be, the images are fading inside me, a moment barely breathing, come back to life

It's just another thing I used to be, I let it slip away, another piece of me, and just become a notion so far gone
I wanted more, there was a world I painted over, we restore those places here

Losing all our time, the deeper we go down inside, we can't let go, those images that still could be, can't let it go
Belong to me, they belong to me, 'cuz this ain't over

This can not wait forever, running out of time, always lying in my own way, a will to move aside
One note, one line, one song crossed over, won't rise, won't fall, won't ever count at all, (another piece of me) I can't let go