1. No Words

From the recording Isolation: Chapter I

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I’ve been over it all
I’ve analyzed the same words
Now everything else seems useless
How can I ever know?
Keep breaking all the same rules
Now everything else seems useless
And so I find my reasons
Now here I lie with no one

I’ve tried but I fear nothing I say will ever change you
We’re torn away and no words will ever change my mind

It’s always end of day
We’re picked apart the same way
The weight upon my mind’s increasing
Forget it, fuck it all
Just think of something neutral
While every dreaded thought keeps racing
In my mind, I’m captured
Why can’t I sleep? It escapes me

Now here I lie, so haunted by
My invention, it lives deep into the night
Still wide awake and there’s no escape
So please tell me it’s almost over
In cold despair I lie and stare
Our silence, it’s taking over
I can’t move on from nowhere
I reach for answers, so desperate for your words